Art Clout was born from three Long Beach visual artists who wanted to find a way to better connect with their peers and to open up more opportunities for everyone. 

We want to bring attention to new and emerging art, as well as share the experiences of more established artists. We also want to share the events and happenings around Long Beach, and to invite all makers and art lovers to come together and meet. 

We are just getting started, so the nuance might change, but the focus will always be to let the world know that Long Beach visual artists are a force to contend with. 

Who are we?

We are a handful of visual artists from Long Beach who want to see this city become known for more than an old boat and 90s gangster rap.

Founding Members

Stephanie Han is a visual artist who finds her inspiration in nature, cats and punk rock.

Dave Clark makes “sculptural things” that might tell a story, cause one to think of a story, serve some practical purpose, or none of these.

Carol Clark is writer, retired educator, and keeps the Ps and Qs in order for the rest of the lot.

Dave Conrey is an abstract artist and graphic designer who works with various mixed media and collage on both flat substrates and 3D objects.