The Union: #28 Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby Mural - DiPiazzas

Cody was our #19 post way back on August 3rd, and he recently gave us an update that we wanted to share:

Since the shutdown my focus has been on three ideas: Develop large scale dream projects, create artwork that is true to myself and change the world through local community action.  I would love any feedback.  Please let me know if you have interest in collaborating or discussing these ideas.
Thanks, Cody. (

  1. Dream Unity Project: As a response to the divisive world we are living in. Build large scale wire sculpted hands interlocking over the top of pedestrian freeway overpasses connecting cities and communities to illustrate unity.  An inclusive concept for a community project.
Dream Unity Project concept

2. Arid West: A reaction to drought, the most dire of effect climate change has on where I live.  Simply put, water conservation should be a way of life here in Southern California. A series of 12 paintings, 3 studies and lino prints ready to be shown.

Arid West
Arid West

3. Snow ball effect. Through art we beautify our neighborhood and bring public awareness.

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