The Union: #18 Katie Stubblefield

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Since we had to postpone our first art show—The Union—we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to digitally showcase all the artists who’d submitted to the show.

Dear Art Clout,

Odd times. Seems appropriate to write a letter—and link.

My college shuttered with all the others mid-March. I found myself pulled from face-to-face teaching interactions to remote instruction on a two-week pivot. I have been grateful to all the artist/teachers who have come up with excellent way to complete their terms with best practices, crazy hacks, and imaginative solutions. (Tracey Weiss and Hilary Norcliff I am talking about y’all.)

At the same time St. Broxville’s Wood went dark at Cal Poly Pomona. It sits in the Kellogg Gallery still today. My fellow artists in this project, Hillary Norcliff and Jennifer Gunlock, have been vamping on the project in extraordinary ways: Jennifer is building us a stunning and comprehensive catalog for the show, and Hillary is building a YouTube video that offers a delightful and eerie private walk-though of the space.

Me, I got sick. Yeh. Honestly, teaching and making artwork were the two things that kept me moving forward–that and three weeks of serious tlc from my wife, Eliza Solorzano. (Shout out to Carol Clark and Dave Clark for lending me an O2 meter.) I am better. I just got the COVID-19 antibody test and much to my doctor’s surprise, I’m negative. Which led to being able to find out the condition I actually had for the last nine weeks—and treatment that has me well enough to get back into my studio!

Katie Stubblefield, Snare-Print Ink on Yupo (2) Call and Response 2

It has been wonderfully busy this Spring. I finished up works for Galactic Nature at Liz’s Loft and On the Wall at Coastline College’s Gallery (both moved to next Spring.) I am proud to have work in-waiting, tucked away in storage at the Jonathan Club to be included in their swanky Celebration of California exhibition and auction, postponed until later this year. Also, I am happy to get to be a part of Kennedy Grace Gallery’s 30 Days to Keep You Going, an on-line rotating daily exhibition with supportive sayings specifically geared toward this pandemic. I currently have works in the Greenly’s Annual Fundraiser: Second Lives and Victoria Bryan’s How This Moment Looks and held at SCAPE Gallery in Corona Del Mar. Shoebox PR’s Call and Response (2) collaboration with Sarah Knouse and Durden and Ray’s We Are Here/Here We Are were temptations I could not resist. Seriously, quadrated to my room, sitting on my camp cot with a weirdly non-stop low-grade fever–threading buttons and moving ink around yupo paper (thank you Tony Pinto) were the absolute best medicine ever.

Poppet (for warding off fevers)
Mushrooms for Galactic Nature

In the last couple weeks things have slowed down a little and I have started feeling better. I am fortunate to pick up some side-work writing curriculum for Coastline College’s Special Programs Department over the summer break from home. My current art projects include creating a series of collage-monoprints reflecting on the isolation and human chaos marking where we are right now. I am also completing a suite of six photo-collaged digitally manipulated works for Photovarious at the Long Beach Creative Group Gallery in August.

Study for Photovarious

I am grateful for my community. Our links are so important right now.

Sincerely, stay healthy, Katie

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