The Union: #11 Helen Cox

Helen Cox

Since we had to postpone our first art show—The Union—we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to digitally showcase all the artists who’d submitted to the show.

“Berth 55 Medium”

Helen Cox – The Bridge Project

Upon meeting the chief engineer of the new bridge being built in the Long Beach Harbor, the first words out of my mouth were, “So you are the guy who can get us under the bridge!” For over a year, I had wanted to get close enough to draw and paint on location. Thus began an exciting three-year project, in the company of three other artists, documenting the dynamic
construction of this bridge. We were not only allowed under the bridge, we were invited on top of it in our hard hats and safety vests, with unparalleled 360-degree views of the harbor. The images included here are based on the observational studies, not photographs, that resulted from the project.

Tunnel Book: Looking East, 2019. Mixed media. 14 x 19 x 8.5 inches deep

The bridge is a marvel of modern technology. It is suspended on huge cables from two main towers stretching 500 feet in the sky. The supporting pylons go 180 feet underground. To make it as earthquake-proof as possible, the roadway in the center of the bridge is suspended from the towers and rests, unattached, above huge supporting pillars. This elegant bridge will dominate that portion of the harbor skyline.

The Harbor Meets Mondrian, 2019. Charcoal and pastel. 55 x 76 inches
Cranes and Columns III, 2018. Tempera, 16 x 12 inches

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