The Art Clout USPS Art Project—Ending 9/30/20!

Art Clout USPS Art Project

Welcome! This is a mail art project that aims to connect people from all over with artists (mainly from Long Beach, CA), all while helping out the USPS.

Send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:
Art Clout c/o Dave Conrey
PO Box 91022
Long Beach, CA 90809
UPDATE: Deadline to get your SASEs in is 9/30/20!
(Postmarked on 9/30 is OK).

• ENVELOPE SIZE: Must be a size that can be classified as LETTER, which only requires one stamp to mail back. See this link from the USPS about size guidelines. We’ve been getting things like 9×12 manila envelopes with one stamp, which is not enough postage. If you send an envelope that ends up needing more postage, you may not receive any art.
• 5 SASEs MAX per household.
• You do not get to specify which artist responds to you; it will be totally random.
• Anyone may send in a SASE; this is not limited to just people living in Long Beach. We welcome SASEs from anyone, anywhere—just make sure the postage covers the return mailing. Artists are most welcome to participate too!
• The artist retains all rights to the image, which means you may not reproduce and sell or distribute the image without the artist’s permission. If you’d like to use it for such a purpose, you must contact the artist directly and negotiate usage rights.

• This is primarily for Long Beach artists, as the SASE distribution will be happening locally, but if you are willing to pick up SASEs in Long Beach, you are welcome to participate.
• Email us at and let us know how many SASEs you’d like and whether you’d like to pick them up or have them dropped off to you (as long as you’re within Long Beach city limits). If you’d like for us to drop them off, please include your address and phone # (social media handle too, for promotional posts, etc, if you’re so inclined).
• Create work that will fit in the SASE provided and mail it off, keeping in mind that the art should be mailable with just one stamp (watch for weight or bulkiness). The artist is responsible for extra postage, if needed.
• Work should be original art—no mass reproductions, please. Hand-pulled prints are OK.
• Please make your art is suitable for a general audience (no graphic violence, nudity, profanity, overt political messages, etc).
• Feel free to add a business card/contact info—they may want to see more of your work!


Q: What is the duration of the project? Is there a cut off date for submissions?
A: We don’t have a hard end date yet, but we will probably cut it off or slow it down around election time to make sure we’re not overloading the system when they need to do their most important work.

Q: When can I expect to receive my art?
A: Considering that the artists are doing this on a volunteer basis, expecting to wait 4-6 weeks should not be unusual; it will all depend on the the artist. That said, if you don’t receive anything by 6 weeks, contact us.

Q: I’m an artist; what if I find that I can’t fulfill my commitments?
A: If you feel you can’t fulfill the SASEs you’ve received within a few weeks, please let us know ASAP so that we can re-distribute them to artists who can.

Q: I’m a non-2D artist, can I still participate?
A: We wish we could accommodate all types of art, but since we are trying to keep this simple at 1 envelope, 1 stamp, all pieces will have to be strictly 2D. That said, there could still be ways to share your work: perhaps you could do a drawing or painting of your work, or you could make a collage piece that includes a photo—as long as it’s an original, hand-made piece of 2D art, it is eligible.

Q: Do I have to send in my work for review before I send it off?
A: No, this is not a juried show; artists are free to send any imagery that falls under the content and format guidelines.

More questions? Email us at:

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  1. How fun! Thank you.

  2. What a WONDERFUL THING and I am going to mail in my ballot.

  3. this is sooo cool
    Thank you

  4. I’m excited about participating in this project! Bring it on ❤️

  5. My wife and I are guilty of sending understamped envelopes. My wife just got her art with additional postage put on by You folks. I imagine I will also receive something with extra postage. Is there anywhere we can make a donation so that you are not out of pocket?

    Stewart Laidlaw

    PS if necessary, I can meet on a street corner to slip a few bucks to you but PayPal or some other method would be easier.

    1. No worries, Stewart! I don’t think we were very clear initially about what we were looking for. It’s all good and we really appreciate your participation 🙂

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