“Solidarity at a Distance”: Frau Fiber at Flux Art Space

Frau Fiber
Frau Fiber

Frau Fiber (the alter-ego of artist Carole Frances Lung) is putting her pandemic-related production on view in “Solidarity at a Distance”. The show will be viewable 24×7 from the front window of Flux from March 18 – April 17.

From Flux Art Space:

About “Solidarity at a Distance”:
On March 18, 2020, Frau Fiber went into lockdown at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms (formerly at 322 Elm Ave LB, now at The LOFT, 401 S Mesa Street, San Pedro). In response to the lock down, the supply chain’s inability to provide face coverings, and in solidarity to combat COVID, Frau Fiber generated a face mask a day for herself and for Carole Frances Lung, her biographer and archivist of the ILGWU. To bolster the supply chain Frau Fiber produced over 300 masks that were donated to homeless shelters and the Long Beach VA. The face coverings were made with a dust cloth liner and textiles from the waste stream. From the waste stream supply, Frau Fiber chose to make her face coverings from solids, texture and woven textiles, while Carole selected novelty prints. The making of the masks is the only production Frau has been able to accomplish and it has become a way of settling into this long winter of isolation. Recently, both Frau and Carole have received their first COVID vaccines without incident. Face mask production will conclude on March 21, 2021, after their second vaccination.

Here is an article from April 2020 in which Frau Fiber shows how to make a mask, and you see the start of the production.

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