“Safe in the Light”: The Neon Art of Linda Sue Price at Loiter Galleries


Loiter Galleries is finally back after a long pandemic-induced hiatus with a great new show that can be viewed safely from the street! The exhibit features the playful abstract neon sculptures of Lakewood artist Linda Sue Price, and is the perfect show for these times. I was lucky enough to attend the outdoor opening for this show in front of the gallery on the evening of March 6th and it was a joyous, hopeful event. Even though everyone was still masked up and distanced, just being in the company of other art appreciators again made it feel like we were finally turning a corner on this thing and better times were ahead.

Basking in the bright, colorful glow of the artwork, I had a chance to chat with the artist and learn more about how she got into neon art. She works as a motion graphics artist, and she went through a period where she was trying her hand at various analog art mediums for fun. She said nothing really held her interest until she took a neon-making class, which got her hooked right away. She learned the traditional techniques of following a template to make letters and words (what most of us would associate neon with), but once she started making freeform shapes, her art really took off.

Linda Sue Price at work in the studio.

I was really intrigued by how some of the pieces had kinetic elements, with little beads moving through the tubes and she explained the science behind creating various color and movement effects. Somehow learning the mechanics behind how something worked made it even more magical! If you find yourself downtown after dark, this show is worth seeking out.

Something’s moving…
Monica Fleming and Vinny Picardi, the co-founders of Loiter Galleries.

It was my first fun night “out” in a long time—many thanks to Monica Fleming and Vinny Picardi, the co-founders of Loiter Galleries, for helping to bring art back to downtown. In case you didn’t know, Loiter Galleries is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support local underserved artists by providing affordable gallery space, promotion, and general support. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, check out this link.

A scene from opening night.

This exhibit is on view until April 17, 2021 at Loiter Galleries in downtown Long Beach: 180 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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