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art lessons podcast with dave conrey

Some of you may know that I have run a podcast called Art Lessons for a few years now. On that podcast, I talk with creative people from different concentrations.

I asked my cohorts here on Art Clout if they thought it would be appropriate to share the podcast with our readers, and they all agreed. So this is the first of what will be many more conversations on the topic of art and how it plays out for us in different ways.

Today’s conversation is with a multi-disciplinary artist friend of mine, Stacey MacNevin. Stacey isn’t a Long Beach local, but she did come to Long Beach to record the episode, and she’s like family to me, so we’ll consider her a local by proxy.

This conversation with Stacey, winding in its story-book ways, was both fun and encouraging to me. It helped lend perspective in my own work, and maybe she can do the same for you.

Please check out Stacey’s work on Instagram.

On a related note, I will definitely be wanting to talk with more local artists in the future, so if you aren’t afraid of having a microphone in your face, and you’re willing to share your own creative experiences, then maybe we should chat.

Hit me up in the comments, or find me on social media somewhere (@daveconrey) and let’s see if we can have a sit-down over coffee or cocktails and let’s chat.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Art Lessons.

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