If we don’t do it for ourselves, then who will?

mural by bodeck hernandez for pow wow long beach 2019

Hello and welcome to what is the first post of many for Art Clout. We are a small contingent of visuals artists from Long Beach, California who have been yearning for more support from the community.

Unfortunately, our community is a fractured lot, and after a small bit of imbibing, we decided to tackle this task on our own.

Perhaps it’s a fools errand, or perhaps the hundreds or thousands of visual artists in this city are feeling as we do—tired of living in the shadow of Los Angeles, are are ready to declare Long Beach the true arts community that it is begging to become.

We are still working out the details on what Art Clout will become, but we have high hopes and even higher expectations of turning this cooperative effort into an important fixture in the local art community.

Stay tuned for lots more to come.


Dave Conrey
Art Clout Co-Founder

Muralist: @BodeckLuna | Photo courtesy of Pow Wow Long Beach

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  1. This is born out of a desire to foster a greater network and sense of community among visual artists in Long Beach, so we can work together to create a better environment for all of us.

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