“FRESH” is a Go!

Art Clout is proud to announce the artists selected to be in the show FRESH, held in collaboration with Long Beach Creative Group. The show will run from May 21 to June 18.

There will be two openings, one on Saturday May 21, and the other on Sunday May 22, 1 – 4 PM. Accepted artists will get an email informing them which group they are in. They are welcome to attend both openings, we just ask that they invite their families and friends for their designated day to prevent overcrowding in the gallery.

LBCG/Rod Briggs Gallery
2221 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803
Regular Hours: Fridays through Sundays from 1-4pm.

Accepted Artists:

Reception Sat 5/21 Group:Reception Sun 5/22 Group:
Angie Fegley, That’s Not True
Andrew Pisula, Copper Enso
Andy Rines, Free Yourself
Bob Rosenfield #0046 Black Walnut
Cody Lusby, Thrown Toy Cars
Dave Clark, Totems 2
Dave Conrey, The Voice in My Head
David J Teter, Verde en la Lumbre Nocturne
Esteban Garcia, Don’t Lose Your Focus
Francisco Gutierrez, Sunny
Jared Schwartz, But I Want to Be a Dancer
Javier Sola, 11
Jeremy Woodard, Sweet Tooth
Karena Massengill, Joyful Dance
Katie Elizabeth Stubblefield, Fission Incision
Lance Carlson, Tide Pool
Louise Ivers, City Hall Unwrapped
Mic Burns, Celestial Storm
Michael Biagiotti, Dodgers Impala
Michele Morgan, Wild Moments
Mick Victor, The Struggle
Paul Harris, Anthropocene Amazonocene
Reginald Tucker, One Voice
Sandy Abrams, Spring
Sebastian Carlo Moreno (Bash), Cool Ones
Sharna Fabiano, Recovery
Stephanie Han, Wolf and Hare
Susan Hawkins, 3 Torsos
Valerie Margerum, Mirror Ball
Anne Kupillas, Blue Bananas
Annie Clavel, Tourbillon 1
Bob Murrin, Power
Carlos Cordero, Untitled #1
Catheryn Franklin, Poolside
Cory Bilicko, Dia de la Boda
Dave Clark, Totems 2
Dave Conrey, The Voice in My Head
Elena Tomska, New Human Gods
Jim Yandell, Hollywood
Juan Gomez, Dissections
Kathryn Heaton, Finnius
Knox Farrand, A Rare Flower Indeed
Maureen Vastardis, Industrial Complex
May Roded, Sonder
Michael Stearns, Leavings 3
Paula McColm, Biopsy
Paula Prager, And Still I Rise
Rachel Mangold, Mood Swings
Sandy Winkler, Octopus
Sarah Arnold, Willmore City
Shoshanah Siegel, Jellies
Stephanie Han, Wolf and Hare
Steve Gugerty, Newberry Springs
Susan Hartman, Fire and Ice
Tom Scherschel, For a Fragmentum
Val Pfeifer, Light at the of Corridor
Yeltsin Penado, Bicycle Day
Ziyi Tan, Ramen
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