Steph HanGraphic designer and painter who lives and works in Long Beach, CA and can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be.     |     instagram: www.steph-han.comContinue Reading

Join us for the next installment of the Art Clout Happy Hour at District Wine in the East Village Arts District! It’s a great way for local artists to hang out Ave talk shop (or not) over some drinks! Cheers! Steph HanGraphic designer and painter who lives and works inContinue Reading

Art Clout Happy Hour

Our first happy hour of the summer and good time had by all. PBS Pub in the Wrigley area of Long Beach turned out to be a great location! Steph HanGraphic designer and painter who lives and works in Long Beach, CA and can’t think of anywhere else she’d ratherContinue Reading

Long Beach Open Studio Tour

Long Beach local artists will be opening up their studios to visitors during the first four weekends of October for the Long Beach Open Studio Tour (LBOST). The LBOST is a free, self-guided, at-your-own-pace event. There is no ticket to buy. All you need is the Digital Tour Maps thatContinue Reading


I’m so glad I got to check out NOMAD, as it was only around for one weekend. Presented by the Torrance Art Museum, it is described as “a pop-up event for artists, by artists, to reforge our connections to each other in real life and to make new friends. ItContinue Reading

Coming Together

This current exhibit, presented by the Long Beach Creative Group and juried by Asia Morris and Brian Trimble, brings together 72 local Long Beach artists and 85 diverse works. The attendance at the gallery has been strong; they just had their third reception on July 25th (spaced over three SundaysContinue Reading

Chris Giaco

Chris Giaco opened this gem of a bookstore just a little over two years ago, after stints at the Borders Bookstore at the Los Altos shopping center and In Retrospect on 4th St. He was at loose ends after In Retrospect shut its doors, but recalled how much he enjoyedContinue Reading

Tiny Arch Gallery

We like to highlight businesses that make room in their space for art! Marida on 4th is one such place that has carved out a little space that they call the Tiny Arch Gallery, the name which becomes obvious when you see the picture below. What started out as aContinue Reading

inkotber 2020 - prompts

Inktober is always a fun annual challenge for artists; one commits to doing a drawing every day, which can be harder than it seems. Since this has always been an online thing, it was one of the few things this year that felt pretty normal. I’d done this before, butContinue Reading

David Hocking

Greenly Art Space‘s 10th Anniversary fundraiser show is titled “Second Lives” and it called for works made from discarded/re-used materials. Due to the pandemic they were unable to have an in-person opening, but they had a wonderful virtual opening and the exhibit is currently viewable in-person by appointment only, observingContinue Reading

Greenly Art Space

Greenly Art Space is a non-profit art gallery in Signal Hill about to celebrate its 10 year anniversary in August—a remarkable milestone. It is “dedicated to enriching lives and cultivating community through creating contemplative art shows, bringing art to community schools, and providing a space for art making, mentoring, andContinue Reading

In the studio of Caryn Baumgartner

I recently had the opportunity to visit artist Caryn Baumgartner in her lovely home and studio in the Cal Heights area of Long Beach (near Bixby Knolls). Her garage studio opens up to her serene back yard, which has all manner of interesting plants and trees and a fountain thatContinue Reading