The Union: #7 Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold

Since we had to postpone our first art show—The Union—we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to digitally showcase all the artists who’d submitted to the show. We’ve asked the artists to write about their experiences during this extraordinatry time—how they’re feeling and coping, or what kind of work has the self-quarantine and social distancing inspired?

Sarah Arnold

During quarantine I have been working in the garden and painting in the studio—mostly a series of colorful bell peppers with Modernist art lessons from Domenic Cretara. Really challenging and fun!!  I’ve also been really inspired by the rain and the clouds and the resulting greenery. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated with all art shows postponed, and who knows what will happen. Sigh. But if we don’t do our work what else would we rather do? For me,  I’d rather paint anyway.

Instagram: @sarahc.arnold
Phone: 562-607-8785

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