The Union: #19 Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby

Since we had to postpone our first art show—The Union—we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to digitally showcase all the artists who’d submitted to the show.

Cody_Lusby_Super Big Gulp_ Medium.jpeg
Cody_Lusby_Super Big Gulp_ Medium.jpeg

Hello Art Clout.  Here is my Covid-19 life.  I thought I was prepared.  People told me a week before the lockdown that this was all going to happen. I bought wood to build panels and printed out the images for back grounds.   I thought I would just stay in the studio isolated and keeping myself busy.   What I wasn’t prepared for was the impact on my 3 year old daughter and how much fear would engulf me. Our little girl became enraged.  No grandparents. No friends. No playgrounds or parks. She just couldn’t comprehend what had happened. My energy left the studio and went into creative solutions to entertaining this kiddo. Out of all the creations, my favorite was this lego build challenge we did for a YouTube channel called Boone Builds. Unexpectedly, our build called “The Bunny Bus” won the challenge.  Here is a link to the stop motion video we created of the project.

“The Bunny Bus”

When I finally left the house (In April), it was on one trip to ship out my sisters 40th birthday present. On my walk to 4th Street Postal, I noticed hand written mask required signs (sharpie on cardboard). I thought I could do a little better for the boutiques, salons and cafes. So I created this hand-rubbed 8 x10 lino cut. I sold out of the first 20 and printed 20 more which I still have available if you know anyone interested.

What pulled me out of my creative slump was the deadline of the “We are here/Here we are” art show, which a few other Art Clout members were a part of. I work best under pressure. I decided to create a 6 x 60 foot painting in two weeks using the scrap wood. First week photo shoot, prime stencil and paint background roses. Second week oil paint 7 life size figures. The little roses pock a dotting the piece are magnetic and covered up the screws. For more images and info on this piece, visit:   

Recently, I finished the last two paintings of my Arid West series. These are the panels I built and background photos I collaged. Normally these two pieces would have been done in 6 weeks but these took me 4 months. I will let them cure for a few weeks, then varnish and have them photographed. 

In a reaction of solidarity to what is happening with the BLM protests, I have an idea for an art project—a hand shake or helping hands or interlocking hands spanning over a freeway as a bridge from one community to another (Long Beach to Compton). Metal mesh (like chicken wire) would be attached over the top of the pre-existing pedestrian overpass. A community project showing we stand together. A sculptor friend and I designed it so less experienced artists can build them. Let me know your thoughts. I feel as a white privilege man this might not be the right project for me, but I like the idea. Here is a quick concept sketch.  

Lastly, I have a piece in the Brea Art Gallery’s annual Made in California show—on view starting hopefully sometime in July. With timed tickets, this show will be an interesting way to view art. I don’t think this Covid-19 is even close to being over. Thank god for unemployment which I hope gets extended. For a final note I advise everyone to view the classic movie Jaws or do one better and read the book. It is the perfect analogy for crazy world we are living in right now.

– Cody

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