The Union: #12 Michal Karmazon

Michal Karmazon

Since we had to postpone our first art show—The Union—we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to digitally showcase all the artists who’d submitted to the show.

Michal Karmazon

Michal Karmazon

It’s funny and perhaps a little sad how little my life has changed because of the pandemic. Staying home has always been my modus operandi. I’ve seen people online complain about days of the week blending into each other and I was reminded that’s not normal for everyone. So as far as how I’ve been coping —I haven’t. Not much has changed for me.

As far as my art work during the quarantine, that actually has changed a bit. I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of coherent style or theme to my artwork since I’ve started. That has been unsuccessful. Every piece I do looks like it was done by a different person. It’s hard to build any kind of audience or following without a unified look, something that people can instantly recognize as belonging to you. My work never gets more than few likes online. And I’ve realized that’s okay. I’ve realized that instead of trying to appeal to a general public, I should try to appeal to corporations, to comic book and video game companies, to book publishers and art directors. And being capable of working with many different styles is actually an asset when it comes to that. We’ll see how it works. For now I’m embracing my schizophrenic art output.

“Gianna 666”
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