Second Saturday Art Walk – Dark Art Emporium

Mutations – A Grotesque Group Show

Always a great show of artists and their works. This time it featured the works of Ego, Hugo D Villa, Alex Kuno, Matthew Dutton, Raul D’Mauries, Jeff Christensen, Jim Pavelec, Alex Reisfar, Jody Fallon, Joachim West, Steven Russell Black, Dos Diablos, Larkin Cypher, Kristina Drake, Patrick Thai, Jeremy Cross, Gregory Hergert, and Nanette Cherry.

Located in beautiful downtown Long Beach, CA. The Dark Art Emporium is a diverse environment dedicated to showcasing the artists and creators that often fly under the radar of most people’s perception of fine art. Here you will find everything from real human skulls, creepy dolls, unorthodox taxidermy, low brow and dark fine art. We specialize in the strange and unusual because we ourselves are the strange and unusual.

256 Elm Ave. Long Beach CA 90802 Monday – Wednesday – By Appointment. Thursday – Saturday – 11am – 8pm. Sunday – 11am – 6pm. 562-612-1118

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