“Second Lives” – Fundraiser Exhibit at Greenly Art Space

David Hocking

Greenly Art Space‘s 10th Anniversary fundraiser show is titled “Second Lives” and it called for works made from discarded/re-used materials. Due to the pandemic they were unable to have an in-person opening, but they had a wonderful virtual opening and the exhibit is currently viewable in-person by appointment only, observing all Covid precautions. I had the pleasure of seeing the show a couple of weeks ago, and it was really worth it. There’s nothing like seeing works of art in person, which is an important part of Greenly’s ethos. I got to talk about the works I’d created for the show, as well as talk about my favorite work from the show. Catch the show while you can—it will be up until at least the end of July—and you too can be featured in videos of your own!

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