A group of Long Beach (and former Long Beach) artists are in this show at The Loft Art Studios Gallery in San Pedro, running through October 26th. I’d missed the opening, but was determined to catch it before it came down and I’m so glad that I did. The artists are Katie Stubblefield, Jennifer Gunlock, Hillary Norcliffe, J. Renee Tanner, and Tracey Weiss, and as the name of the exhibit suggests, the artists use mostly found/discarded objects in their pieces, and the effect as a whole is astonishingly beautiful and fascinating. Detritus from everyday modern life is transformed and elevated into objects worthy of white walls, frames, and pedestals.

From Tracey Weiss’ ethereal swarm of butterflies made from discarded slides, to Jennifer Gunlock’s giant panels of paper with skeletal trees and metal buildings depicting how human involvement has affected a forest’s natural relationship with wildfires, there is much to provoke thought and emotion here about what humans have done/are doing to the planet. J. Renee Tanner’s piles of gloves and other common objects are relics from some future religion; Katie Stubblefield’s panels with undulating abstract swirls of what looks like rust and parmesan cheese representing weather patterns, evoke both repulsion and fascination, while Hilary Norcliffe’s giant interactive bed frame xylophone takes one back to a younger, childlike state of mind that can see fun and whimsy everywhere. This exhibit challenges us to think hard about our relationship with all the stuff we’ve created, and what it means for the natural world.

“Scavengers” runs through Saturday October 26, 2019 at The Loft Art Studios and Galleries 401 S Mesa St, San Pedro, California 90731

Steph Han
Visual Artist & co-founder of Art Clout

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