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PHOTOVARIOUS is an exhibition that will bring together 7 individual artist/photographers who approach their work with the camera and image development in non-conventional ways. The exhibition is seeking artists who can present a defined excellence in the concept, execution and subsequent production of their work. Photographers will not be chosen for their basic wide range of photographic skills or experience, but rather on their ability to present a group of 4-6 images that communicate a cohesive strength in style, content and/or method that pushes beyond common boundaries.

Photovarious has an open call for submissions  this exhibit will be held at the Long Beach Creative Group Gallery Aug 8-Sept.5.

It promises to be an exciting exhibit that encourages artists/photographers to approach photography in unconventional ways.

The unique ability to see differently, 
to perceive or assign an image or likeness 
with seemingly different properties, attributes 
or interpretations, resulting in something 
wholly independent of another.

To submit your work for consideration… 

Up to 6 electronic files of your sample works can be submitted, portrait or landscape [for initial reviews only] representing your final production image capable of being presented at 16” x 20” at least and no greater than 36” x 48” inches for the exhibit. All final works or reproductions chosen for exhibit by the review committee must be framed by the artist. Interested artists should email 4 to 6 review images in electronic file format, jpg or png, to Individual files should not exceed 3 megabytes. We are aware that larger files of your work will look better and we would request those at a later date Include contact information, email address and home or cell number. Make sure we can leave a message for you, as we will move on to other artists if we cannot contact you.

Include a short bio and CV/resume of if you have exhibit experience. If you like, also include a short explanation of how your work is pushing the traditional boundaries of photography.

All files and accompanying information must be received for LBCG and MOLAA to review no later than June 15, 2020.

The exhibition will open at the LBCG/Rod Briggs Gallery on August 8, 2020 at 2221 East Broadway Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90803

If you have questions that are not, please contact the LBCG Director, Marka Burns, at 562 400 5166. For updates on the exhibition and review of artist work please email us or see the Photovarious page on Facebook.

Courtesy Facebook/PHOTOVARIOUS by Mick Victor.

MOLAA is partnering with LBCG for review and presentation of the PHOTOVARIOUS exhibition.

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  1. Dave, Many thanks for the great article and visibility on PHOTOVARIOUS. We have some terrific stuff coming in but would love to see more. This exhibit will be a beautifully different approach to the common “really nice pictures” photo show and I think people will like what they see a lot!

    Thank you again, Mick Victor

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