NOMAD – Giant Pop Up Group Show


I’m so glad I got to check out NOMAD, as it was only around for one weekend. Presented by the Torrance Art Museum, it is described as “a pop-up event for artists, by artists, to reforge our connections to each other in real life and to make new friends. It is for our audiences to once again commune with us through our practices. It is for curators and gallerists to catch up with what we have been doing in our studios over this isolating past year. We will come together to witness the power and value of engaging with art in person.” Also according to the museum, this is the biggest pop-up of contemporary art in SoCal history, and featured 500 artists in 87,000 sq feet (three full floors) of an office building first built in the 1960s, in the development now known as Del Amo Crossing.

It certainly felt like the biggest pop-up; I logged many many steps going by all the displays on three floors, and I know I was not able to do all the artists justice. It was overwhelming toward the end, as my synapses started to fry form the sensory overload, but I made it through! I knew several of the participating artists (mostly friends from Long Beach), and I definitely wanted to check out their work. While trying to find a specific artist in this show was quite a task, they organized things pretty well, with prominent numbered signage that corresponded to certain artists. How each artist chose to display their work and related materials was entirely up to them, and there was a wide range of presentations. It was great to be able to chat with some of the artists, but since I was under a time crunch I didn’t talk to nearly as many as I would have liked! I do have photos, though—lots and lots of photos which probably are maybe only about a 1/3 of everything that was there. A truly massive and engaging experience.

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