Kashira Edghill

A number of years ago I invited a group of Long Beach artists to take a table I had made, think of it as a blank canvas, and do something with it that would be a reflection of their art. The results became and the 18 x 18 table show that ran at Made in 2017.

Kashira Edghill was one of the artists and her table pictured below was one of the key results. Unique in terms of materials and its end product.

While I had kept in contact with Kashira, she is David van Patten’s significant other, at various art openings, her work over this time was not something I had experienced, nor been aware of in terms of its evolution. I started following her on Instagram and was simply stunned with what she was posting. Her work had taken on a playful fusion of color, combined with forms that were very captivating. Some were rather simple while others were complex, but they all possessed characters and color (muted or vibrant), shapes and scenes, with the appearance of places and events foreign to this world. Many incorporate textures combined with the use of water colors, oils, acrylics, and pens to form stories from some other time or worlds that range from being simple to quite complex. These are serious pieces that convey fun, humor, playfulness, freedom, and are simply stunning.

We own two of her works and she recently had a solo show at the new gallery being ran by Catalyst. I consider her an artist that needs to be on any art lover’s or collector’s radar.

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