Inktober 2020

inkotber 2020 - prompts

Inktober is always a fun annual challenge for artists; one commits to doing a drawing every day, which can be harder than it seems. Since this has always been an online thing, it was one of the few things this year that felt pretty normal. I’d done this before, but freeform, without any prompts. Art Clout’s Dave Conrey got the ball rolling for us this year by finding the list of prompts below to work from. Many artists rose to the challenge, and some really cool drawings emerged. Did you do the challenge? Submit your favorite pic to to be included!

Michal Karmazon, “Teeth”
Cody Lusby, “Sleep”
Steph Han, “Hide”
Dave Conrey, “Buddy”
Jeremy Woodard, “Crawl”
@ponoonoart, “Storm”
@joon_the_goon, “Fish”
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