At Long Beach Ink & Drink, It’s Ok to Draw on the Tables

Doodling is a much underrated form of creative expression, and for most of us, it’s normally contained to the corners of a random scrap piece of paper while we sit on a long phone call, or in a tedious meeting.

But what if I told you that there’s a place where you can not only doodle across an entire table top, but also enjoy a tasty beverage while listening to good music with all your creative friends?

Sounds like a magical place for an artist, right? But I promise, this is not Xanadu, but a real event that takes place each month called Ink & Drink, hosted at Supply & Demand bar on Anaheim Blvd. in the Zaferia District.

I had known about Ink & Drink for quite some time, and it always falls on the last Tuesday of the month when I’m typically preoccupied, but Steph Han, our resident illustration pro was interested in going for the first time and convinced me to join her.

When you first enter Supply & Demand, you’ll notice it’s a lot cleaner than most local bars. It was also fairly well lit, but this is probably because who wants to doodle in the dark. There were at least a dozen small tables lined up, each wrapped in white, heavy-weight craft paper. There’s also a stage that housed a two-person DJ team mixing an eclectic mix of electronic, dance, hip-hop, R&B, and other random tunes.

It’s a first come, first served situation, and the tables filled up pretty quickly, so if you want to guarantee a spot, get there early. The bar also gets busy, but not overwhelming. The longest I waited for a drink was about 8 minutes.

There’s also no rules to what happens at the tables. You bring your own drawing utensils, grab a drink, sit down, and get creative. There was a wide variety of artists and illustrators, some drawing fine works of art meant to be quickly discarded, while others did little more than doodle random squiggles while they drank.

I’m sure I can speak for Steph when I say we really enjoyed the casual nature of this creative event, and I know we are going to highly encourage the rest of the Art Clout team to join us next time, even if they are reluctant illustrators.

All you have to do is look at the Ink & Drink Instagram account to see that nobody expects professional level artistry. They just expect you to come, draw, and have a good time. Heck, get a couple more cocktails in and you won’t care what you draw, and you may end up creative your next masterful work.

Ink & Drink is held roughly on the last Tuesday of the each month at Supply & Demand. This November it’s on the 3rd Tuesday though (11/19), to compensate for Thanksgiving week. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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